A list of the possible intended uses of an appraisal is almost endless. However, most of our clients need an appraisal for mortgage purposes, estate planning/settlement, and divorce settlement.

We also have clients who want to know what price or price range to list their house and/or property. We can provide you with an accurate and reasonable marketing strategy for your property by assessing what other similar properties in your neighborhood/market area have recently sold for and comparing those properties to yours.

Relocation companies also use our services to help efficiently relocate their employees to new areas by accurately assessing the projected market for their employees homes they are leaving. This relocation process creates loyal and stress free employees.

Are you certain you are paying a reasonable price for your property? A home is often the most important and high valued investment most people make. We all know, we make our money when we buy. Call us to make sure you are not paying too much for your investment.

Have you already had an appraisal of your property and do not agree with it? Call us and we can either review the prior report for you and give our assessment of the report, or we can perform a second opinion appraisal.

Tired of your county appraisal district raising the value on your home and therefore your taxes due? I assume we all are tired of that. While as appraisers, we have an obligation and duty to be unbiased in our assessment of your property (we cannot guarantee you any tax savings on your property), give us a call and we will provide an unbiased appraisal of your property as a check against the government over taxing you.